Monday Again

I saw the commercial on tv about an hour ago. How strange to be drinking coffee and see myself! Also, I guess the radio spot started this morning. Pretty cool!

Well, just a few weeks until Christmas. Next week the kids will be out of school, so anything that needs to be done has to be finished THIS WEEK. I need to send off line drawings to a magazine that was asking for art yesterday. So that's something to get done. Also, I have to make cookies, and clean, and maybe play in the snow : )

I've been cleaning up a few stories from Woodsocket '79. It's amazing how you think you're done with something but you find more to tell, or something that needs to be cut and you think, "Why didn't I see that before?" But that's the beauty of time and perspective. I'm learning how important it is to layer a short story. The more depth, the more symbols you have, the more of a thread you have running through the piece—can make such a difference.

Here are a couple of fun links. Actually the first one is my favorite website ever.

Hope all is well with my fellow Bloggers. Take care and stay warm today!


  1. Amy when I went into the 'Ugly Christmas Lights' site my first reaction was 'Oh my Happy Sam!!' and my second reaction to the Fruitcake Lady was the same as the first but twice over :0)
    So glad you're on the up again! Love Molly xx

  2. Haha, Molly : ) The Fruitcake Lady is something else. Glad you enjoyed the funnies!

  3. Where can I get hold of a Christmas Elelphant. I love it. I'd have it in our field all year round.

  4. Not sure where they got that thing. Sure haven't seen one around here!

    My favorite was the inflatables, "Aw, I can still see the house a little!" We have a house like that down the road and it gets in the news every year. Inflatables are everywhere—they even have a movie screen on their house showing Christmas films. It's crazy. I always wonder what would happen if a Jewish family were to move in next door? Boy will they have a fun Holiday season.


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