Last Night

I guess a few of us had strange dreams last night. I was lying on my left side when I woke from mine. Do you think it makes a difference what side you sleep on? Mom used to tell us not to sleep on our backs or we would have nightmares, and she was right. I stopped having them (for the most part) when I switched so sleeping on my side. Could be the power of persuasion, but who knows.
My dream was about a man who had this huge wall machine that could create anything we wanted by the touch of a button. Some of the details have already slipped from my memory now, which I'm mad about. Should have written it down! Well . . . it did give me a great idea for a story so that's a plus.

What did you dream of last night?


  1. Aren't babies put to sleep on their backs? I presume this is not done to induce nightmares, so at what age do back-sleeping-nightmares begin!

    Dullsville here. No dreams last night.

  2. You're supposed to. My kids always slept better on their stomach with faces to the side. Or cradled in my arm : )

  3. I don't dream very often Amy. Shame you didn't write yours down! I did have a dream quite a while back that I was pushing a fully loaded supermarket trolley down the motorway, weaving in and out of the cars and I overtook a Porsche in the fast lane!!

  4. That sounds like a great dream!

    I always have crazy dreams, but unless I make a point of thinking about them the enxt day, they fade away.

  5. I can't remember any dreams from last night, but a few have been good enough to inspire a story. In the book I'm reading, ghosts are responsible for our dreams. They are stories, or messages, sent from the other side. Without them, we will die.

  6. Molly- I know, I should have! It's weird, a dream will be do vivd that it seems I'll never forget, and yet a few minutes later it fades. But then years later I'll go to sleep and reenter the dream and all the details are there.

    Talli- We need to keep dream journals!

    MC- That sounds like a really cool book!

  7. There is a place - 8 stories high, with passages and crannies - which I dream about all the time. I went there last night. I dreamt of an ancient Roman Port once, and the shops and boats were there in all detail. I visited it in reality a year or so later, in Ephesus, Turkey, but the sea had disappeared. These dreams are quite rare for me, though! Good dream of yours last night.

  8. Tom, that gave me chills. I used to have dreams about my brother, sister and I running through and set of Roman structures with a multitude of steps. It was all white stone with a blue ocean just off in the distance. I had those dreams over and over as a child, then stopped, then had them again as a teen in perfect detail. Someone was always chasing us and we would go through trap doors to escape. How strange!


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