Writing Balance

I wrote that story yesterday, the one from the dream I had about a man and his wall gadget. It turned out pretty good! It's more sci-fi/time travel, which I'm happy about because I've been meaning to write time travel but have been staying in the literary/mainstream genre for awhile now. I love both and so I'm completely happy with what I'm producing.

I notice that while writing a whole story, in a day or a few days time, that I pay less attention to the kids and get grouchy when they interrupt me. Most of the time I'm doing dishes, laundry, reading books, basically being a mom. But when I get caught up with writing, being a mom gets pushed to the side and it makes me feel guilty. But then I'm happy that I wrote something and worked hard. I'm happy that I have another piece to send out.

Anyone else have this problem of being engrossed in writing and feeling the rest of their world crumble? How do you cope?


  1. Oh God ALL the time! I feel guilty even when the dog whines because I'm not paying her much attention.

  2. For me, it's housework and personal hygiene! Not good.

  3. Lol Talli. Do you get a little bit foul sometimes? Haha. Love it! But you wrote an awesome book, so it's totally acceptable.

    Jessica, I know what you mean. Henry the Dachshund makes all these groans and sighs when I've been writing too long!

  4. My chores are overtaking my writing at this moment in time - so it's the writing that's going overboard :( Love your stories though Amy. Keep them coming!

  5. Thanks Miss Mol! I'm doing chores now too : (~

  6. Amy. I'm up in the morning at least three hours before anyone else. Those 3 hours are my lifeline. It's amazing how much one can get done when there's nothing to distract you. After that....


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