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The snow gods have woken up around here and avalanched us with their wintery decor. About time. I like snow. If it's gonna be cold, it might as well snow. Call me crazy, but I think it's a beautiful sight, all that powdered sugar dusting everywhere. It makes me happy. Snow, snow, snow. I love you snow.

Now, come March I won't be saying those words. I'll be crying out for the old chinook to make his yearly visit. I'll ache for buds and the vibrant green of grass against all this gray.

But for now, I'll enjoy what I have. And that's snow. Beautiful snow.


  1. Have lots of fun in the snow Amy. Make a snowman and enjoy all the beauty :) We had a frosty night here but lots of lovely sunshine today. I think I like snow in Kansas.

  2. Molly, the snow only looks cooler here because we have no recognizable landscape in the first pace.

  3. I'm sorry Amy, but I really hate the stuff. Once a year on Christmas cards is enough for me; otherwise I'll take the sunshine!


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