Snow and cover art

There's a blizzard outside right now! You can really see in the streetlights, there's just a haze midair. Kinda neat. This afternoon it started with one lazy flake that slowly made its way down, then a few others followed, and now it's snowpocalypse. I know, I know, all of you are sick of snow, but I'm not : )

I've been fiddling around with some cover art for Woodsocket '79 just to amuse myself. The truth is if it ever gets published I won't have very much input on the cover design. Or maybe I will . . . I don't really know, so here's what I came up with just for fun.

At first I was thinking just a nice folky kind of cover, but it was boring. Please excuse my horrible color skills-all I could find for a quick resource were crayons.

And then I thought, hey, since I reference Botticelli, why not mix that in the cover? I whipped this one up today real fast. The only thing I'd change (besides the poor quality) is I'd now put a revolver in her hand instead of a champagne glass. Don't know why I didn't think of it earlier, but oh well . . . Notice how I forgot to put the "k" in the title. Whoops!


  1. A gun-totin' Venus sounds like the better option.... Of course, I haven't read the book YET.

  2. what fun to see your image of the cover. love it.

  3. Enjoy the snow and stay safe. Love the cover art!

  4. Amy I'm looking forward to reading 'Woodsocket '79' too. I think you're cover is cool! Snowpocalypse sounds if it could be too much of a good thing. We have had a couple of nights of hard frost here so maybe it will be visiting us as well. Hope you're able to get out and about in it. xx

  5. Well, after shoveling snow this afternoon I have to say I'm not as happy about it as yesterday. Funny how that works! I hope the sun sticks around for you Molly! xx


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