Monday, January 3, 2011

Fresh Work

Well the New Year has already turned out to be quite prosperous as far as being a writer goes. There was an idea I'd been fiddling around with lately and I finally sat down to see what would come of it. An hour later and I had something going. The folks at AW's Share Your Work had some great suggestions, and also it was said several times that I should continue the story—turn it into a longer piece. So I started doing that and now I have twenty odd pages. I guess I've started a new book!

Mostly I'm happy because it's a fun premise: romantic comedy/thriller. I'm still working on Woodsocket '79 which is more literary, and stories from my childhood, but this is fun and a nice break from the seriousness. Plus I get to do research! The story is set in New York with St. Patrick's Cathedral as a main object of focus. I must be a nerd, but research is fun!

So, if I seem to be distant, there's a reason. Hope you all are having a great Monday and enjoying these new fresh clean days of a beautiful new year!


  1. Amy I am so chuffed for you. That's really good.
    Here's to 2011!!

  2. Raises a glass to Molly *clink*

  3. Good on yer, Amy. There's little nicer than sitting in a warm library doing research. May your pen never run dry!

  4. How exciting! And, I'm with you on the research thing. I love it, too. :)


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