Somebody pinch me—yowch!

Today I had some time to think about the new project, and I actually sat down and wrote the whole outline, something I never, ever do. I dislike outlines because they take away the excitement for me, but I'm really proud of myself for doing it. I don't want to jinx anything, but it was refreshing to line up the plot like that and not have to worry about stopping later on with what's coming next, or if something's going to work, etc. Don't count on me doing it again, but for now, yes, it was nice.

There's just a short amount of time that I have to write each day, and I hope I can use these next few months to relax and let myself produce. Most of all I hope I have fun and bring what's inside me to life on the page. I really, truly do love to write so it's mostly a matter of me learning how to not get hung up on daily stresses. Writing is a gift, an escape, a pleasure.

I hope things are well for all you bloggers. New year, new hopes.


  1. So far, so good. And only 350ish shopping days till Christmas.

  2. Hey, I already went shopping : )~ I had to return a box of Estee Lauder perfume, and went to the Clinique counter and bought some skincare products. Weeee!

    Yeah, so far so good. Last night I squeezed in a thousand words after a hectic day, so feelin' good about that. Write, write, write . . . It helps if I listen to The Eagles on a constant basis and ease into a semi-hypnotic state.

  3. Amy I think that it's really good to plot out the outline. I am excited for you on your new project too. A thousand words, that is terrific - especially after a day of chores. When I went on a writing course a bit back - they expected you to produce 300 words in a week. I love the way you write - use your gift. Love Molly xx

  4. Good luck on your new project! And happy New Year! :)

  5. I've recently converted to outlining. I used to hate it, too. And while it's still not my favorite part of the process, I find it helps a lot during the actually writing process. Good luck with your new project!

  6. Molly- Well, I've lost a little steam. After writing 10,000 words here in the last few days, I got a little frazzled, haha. But I'm going to keep at it and see if I can keep a nice schedule regardless of doubts and worries. Thanks for the kind words : )

    Kim- Thank you and Happy New Year to you as well!

    Jessica- Thank you and yes, I am seeing how it really does help in the writing process. I can see how a lot of projects get tossed in the trash without a good outline to refer back to.


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