Sawdust and Stories

I'm working on a story right now about a centenarian who is stuck in the Woodsocket nursing home on Christmas Eve. His thoughts go back to a night at the start of the century when he was a young man married to a woman named Corinthia. He's a photographer taking Autocromes of the old dusty town and all the people. I have to go look up some info on all that, but I used to read a lot about early photography methods so it's all in here, I just need a refresher. I might have him be a student of the Lumiere brothers in France before coming to the US. Anyway, so it's called Henri Rubie's Dream. Gotta finish that up before I start on the next. Due to children and life I might have to wait until tomorrow for the time. If I could, I'd write all day. Perhaps that's not a good thing.

Oh! Because of Cro's post yesterday about bread (with mouth watering picture and all) I'm going to make some today. Did you know that back in the old days people would buy bread from a local baker who, unbeknownst to them, would use sawdust as a filler? Yumm-ee!
That won't be happening in my kitchen, but I have been known to add raisins or cheese before. Take care today. Peace.


  1. I added some herbs, olive oil, and cracked pepper corns to mine that I made yesterday. The bread was OK, but not good enough to photograph, or rave about. I shall persevere. Good luck with yours.

  2. Your story sounds as if it's coming on well Amy. I can picture this old man in the nursing home, dreaming parts of his life. Did he tell one of his nurses about his work and his wife? I used to work in an Old People's Home for a few months,20 years ago. Old people love to reminisce. I so hope you get it published. Would love to read it. xx

  3. Cro- that sounds really good!

    Molly- I think that is such a cool job. Hard at times, I can only imagine, but cool because you get to hear so many stories. My Henri doesn't talk very much. He's kind of at the end and is in memory mode.


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