In the current issue of Writer's Digest the question is asked, where do you get your inspiration? I thought I'd ask the same question here. Writing, and art, are endeavors that even with the deepest of love can become tiring at times. There has to be something inspiring each of us to continue every day, through family matters, finance, doubt of our abilities, rejection, burnout . . .

My inspiration is music. I have a songlist for each of my projects that help me go to where my character's voices flow. Without music I feel like I am typing in a dry world; it can be done, but it's just more difficult to let go. I also love having my own spot to write, and my own time. No interruptions no loud television, no obligations. I have to know I can devote myself.

Overall, my inspiration is a hunger to write something that is really, really good and which makes people go, "Wow!" I want them to know my voice, to be surprised, to feel like I said something relevant that made them think about their own life.

What is your inspiration?


  1. I find inspiration from so many things - music is a big one for me, as well. Basically, though, I find inspiration in any kind of art.

    Like you, I also have a hunger to write something really good. If my writing reaches just one person, I could consider myself a success.

  2. Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm sure there will be many more than just one for you though!

  3. That's a HUGE question. Surely our inspirations come from all over. Seeing a pretty girl in the supermarket, being annoyed by a road hog car driver, listening to someone sing in the park. It's an amalgam of experience that eventually builds into inspiration. I for one, never know how or why, but when it arrives it's usually pretty big; and I work like crazy!

  4. Very true Cro, inspiration can come from many things. It's good to get out sometimes and be surprised by life.

  5. It was hard for me to see that last year, but I know now that to produce we must absorb. Thanks for the inspiration you give every day!

  6. TV. TV, and tabloids. Not sure I should be admitting that, but there it is! :)

  7. I love music and poetry too Amy. As for writing - well anything under the sun - a chance remark, snatch of an overheard conversation. Things people do, Weather, sunsets, nature. I love reading other people's blogs. I get inspiration the from the way we all support each other - I love that!

  8. Every once in a while I buy one of those tabloids and really enjoy it cover to cover. The Weekly World News is the best.


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