Fun Friday

It's Friday, so maybe we should have a little fun.

Here are some questions for you to answer (if you have time), and which I'll answer as well right here.

Favorite childhood book: Alice in Wonderland. I had the little Disney/Golden Books copy, and I slept with it every night, carried it around everywhere. One night I barfed all over the poor thing and my mom threw it away. I was so sad.

Favorite book of all time: Gone With the Wind, and Time and Again (by Jack Finney)

Favorite Movie: Rear Window

Favorite Song: Imagine

Favorite snack food: carrots

Favorite drink: merlot

Favorite dessert: chocolate cake with tons of frosting!!!

Favorite tv show: I like the classics, so right now it's Laverne and Shirley. I heard they might be doing a reality show with those two, and if so, hand over the popcorn.

Favorite car: 1972 Camaro (duh!)

Sunrise or sunset: sunrise

Trippy, Avent-garde question: What color are you? (Red, green, indigo . . .): Chocolate brown

Favorite superhero: Superman!


  1. Favourite Childhood book: (Assuming that this is my favourite book read during my childhood) The Three Musketteers. It was unabridged... Yes. I was a freak.

    Favourite book of all time: Oooh... uhm... for now, LOTR

    Favourite Movie: Tombstone (thanks to Val Kilmer)

    Favourite Song: (right now)Unintended by Muse

    Favourite snack: Chocolate/Nougat

    Favourite drink: (Alcoholic) Vodka (Non Alcoholic) Milk

    Favourite dessert: Chocolate fondant...

    Favourite tv show: uhm... QI (preferably British version)

    Favourite car: Aston Martin DB9

    Colour: uhm... rich, dark purple

    Favourite Superhero: Batman. (Does he count?)

  2. Yes, Batman counts! He had superpowers, despite help from numerous devices. Batman was hot in that mask.

    I can't remember, is vodka and milk called a white russian? I've never had one so it's not in my brain.

    Good answers!

  3. Amy, I'm going to skip a few, but these I CAN answer.

    Movie. The Duallists (am I allowed to say that?)
    Drink. Red wine.
    Snack food. Biltong.
    Dessert. Cheese (does that count?)
    Car. Bugatti Type 35.

    The others change weekly. Have a good weekend, Cro xx

  4. Favourite childhood book -
    Enid Blyton - 'The Wishing Chair.' I loved all the Enid Blyton books.

    Favourite book - 'Precious Bane' - Mary Webb

    Favourite Movie - 'Grease' (don't go to the cinema very often. Took my J and her friends to see this in the 80's - they loved it!

    Favourite song - 'Imagine'

    Favourite snack - celery

    Favourite drink - hot chocolate

    Favourite dessert - rice pudding

    Favourite TV show - (shouldn't admit this but) it's 'Benidorm' it never fails to make me laugh!

    Favourite car - it's got to be my Focus

    Sunrise/sunset - both when they're beautiful

    Colour - blue or green

    Favourite super hero - don't know!

  5. Here I go:

    Favorite childhood book: Moominland. :)

    Favorite book of all time: One of the current favorites (they change as I read more books) is The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

    Favorite Movie: Harry Potter.

    Favorite Song: Windy (The Association).

    Favorite snack food: Any kind of fruit!

    Favorite drink: Water. :P

    Favorite dessert: Gelato.

    Favorite tv show: NOVA.

    Favorite car: Prius.

    Sunrise or sunset: Sunrise!

    Trippy, Avent-garde question: What color are you? Blue.

    Favorite superhero: I never paid much attention to superheroes, I don't know . . .

  6. Hey there- new follower here- this looks like so much fun- I can answer a few of the questions:

    Favorite car- 1965 ford mustang

    Favorite movie: A knights tale

    Sunrise or sunset: Sunset

    What color am I? Indigo

  7. Molly, I still love Grease. Actually, I've always had a huge crush on John Travolta, LOVED Saturday Night Fever (still do), so . . . good choice!

    Golden Eagle- Welcome! I've never read Hitchhiker's, but now that you've mentioned it I want to give it a try. My friend used to read it over and over so I know it's good.

    Summer- Welcome to you as well! Lovin' the '65 Ford Mustang!

  8. Rear Window - wow, didn't expect that one.

    Favourite Book: I think Harry Potter, but only the whole thing. Maybe Twilight now -shame.

    Favorite Movie: Beautiful Thing.

    Favorite Song: Shania Twain - I'm Jealous.

    Favorite snack food: Chocolate - M&Ms!

    Favorite drink: Mango Juice.

    Favorite series: Charmed.

    Favorite bike: Honda Fireblade.

    Sunrise or sunset: Sunset!
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  9. I suppose I'm a little late with this but it looks like fun so here goes...
    big yellow book of fairy tales
    a connecticut yankee in king arthurs court
    field of dreams
    bacon flavoured chips
    motts garden cocktail
    lemon meringue pie
    the holmes inspection
    chevy belair
    flash gordon

    fun stuff!!


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