Slacker 101

(In which I avoid the act of writing now that the pressure's on)

Pushups. I'm obsessed with getting killer arms for summer.

Dance around to every record I own. Especially Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Make cookies.

Eat cookies.

Do laundry.

Stretch my legs on the kitchen counter a zillion times.

Write a paragraph.

Drink some water.

Play a video game with Liam.

Watch Oprah.

Write another paragraph. Erase paragraph.

More pushups.

Read a great author and get depressed.


Take a shower.

Browse Craigslist.



  1. I note the absence of Eat Lunch, Drink Wine, Write Blog, and Feel Elated.

  2. You hate your arms? I hate my arms too .. unfortunately for me the fat arm syndrome runs in the family! Not much exercise can do about it :o(

  3. Cro- Okay, this was the condensed version of my day.

    Jessica- It's the most impossible area to work on, I think. And writing is not great for it unfortunately. Ah well . . . it's part of the fun and challenge.

    Talli- Oops! That too (sorry)!

  4. Hello, fellow slacker here. I should be updating my site and blog since my book finally came out TODAY! But instead, I’m blogging. I should be researching and writing as I have two deadlines to make, both in March, but instead I’m blogging. And laundry needs to be washed, that sucks.

  5. Oh, don't worry. You shouldn't put so much pressure on you. You know your writing is great or they wouldn't have chosen you. Now you just have to rewrite as it fits your needs. You said yourself you weren't happy with the beginning. You know you can make yourself proud and then the others will be, too.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  6. you've been following my life.

    Add: read another bad review on Goodreads and contemplate giving up writing completely. Write another paragraph and pretend like I'm a superstar.

  7. Angelina- Laundry is sort of slacking if it takes you away from writing time. Congrats on your book coming out!!!! Whoop!!!!

    Nahno- Thanks for that. I do love to write, so once all this early pressure wears off, I'll get back to my old self again.

    Tamara- That's no fun : ( This whole writing thing can be so rough sometimes. What we write . . . it's like a child to us. So I can only imagine how much it hurts to have a bad review. Curse bad reviewers!!

  8. Make cookies, eat cookies, do exercise?

    Making and eating cookies would tire me out completely and I'd have to have a nice lie down afterwards.


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