I'm a little late, but this actually demonstrates my point quite well. You see, it doesn't matter how late you are, or how unorganized, how much money you have, or what your age is. What matters is that you start from NOW. Now is always present; it's always waiting. It's an empty room with a welcome sign. All you have to do is step in and keep moving. The room expands as you move. As long as you keep moving, the room keeps growing. Once you enter the NOW room your life takes on a positive spin. You are no longer the procrastinator who can't accomplish anything. You become the person in action, the person who tries, the person who is willing to risk, the person who likes change, the person who grows, who wins, who embraces, who loves, who succeeds.

So remember, the next time you tell yourself that you have failed at life because another year went by and you didn't start that book, that painting, that song, that friendship, that job, that invention, remember, NOW is waiting. It never leaves. It waits for YOU.


  1. That makes it almost MORE disconcerting. Now can only wait so long!

  2. So now can be HERE and now can be THERE. The problem is that if you leave now for too long there is no more now to get to. At some point you will run out of now both present and future. Best get to it NOW.

  3. Uh . . . sorry about that. See what happens when I go for 'inspirational'?

  4. I liked it - that's exactly the point you were making - getting on with the now because it's here with you and for you now. Inspirational

  5. It works for me thanks for sharing!

    -MJ fellow A-Z blogger

  6. Amy, you've put that 'in a nutshell' I will take heed - I'm the world's best planner but the world's worst starter. I'm so glad that 'now' is still waiting for me. Love Molly xx

  7. I was going to talk about now, but it is gone. it's now before.

  8. Haha, Starting Over. I think I've stepped into a wormhole with this topic. : )~

    Laura- Glad you liked it!

    MJ- thanks for stopping by!

    Molly- I know what you mean. Sometimes it's comforting knowing there's still time. xx

  9. Nice, positive post, and an interesting perspective on the word. I like it!


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