R is for Records

I think I'm still in a state of shock. But it's good shock. Just wanted to thank everyone again for the well wishes, I appreciate it!

Okay, so the letter for today is R and I choose Records. Saturday was Record Store Day, but I didn't go out and buy any because I support that franchise quite well without any special days to boost me along, thank you very much!

I remember when they started to phase vinyl out, it was around 1989. CD's were on the scene and people loved the whole idea of these silver discs and their perfect sound quality. I was in a music store with my friends and I heard a guy say, "In a few years, records will be gone forever." Something stabbed in my heart. A huge part of my childhood was records, they really meant something to me! And you don't know how many albums I bought in the 90's that would have sounded so much better on vinyl. I felt cheated! Also, there's a whole layout issue. An album was almost concept art. Song placement had actual meaning to enhance the experience of the listener. The layout of CD's, however, were meant to have the hits first, and the rest as filler. Cover art became insert graphics.

You gotta love the crackle and sway of records. It's hypnotic, it's beautiful, it's soulful. It takes you somewhere. Well . . . at least it does for me. I have The Doors, Rick Nelson, The Beatles, John Lennon, Dylan, Donovan, Joni Mitchell, America . . . let's face it, I am a record store.

Word to the wise though, if it says it's unbreakable, it's a lie. Just like a heart, vinyl can be cracked.

Here's a beautiful song. Just sit and listen, will you? The slow spinning and organic groove might heal all your troubles.


  1. Nice song, but not really my cuppa tea. The first 78 I bought was Bill Hayley's 'Rock around the Clock'. Seems strange now, as it was probably the very first real international rock hit record. It must have mightily impressed the very young Cro.

  2. Nice...I like the crackle and hum of vinyl. I have an old tube radio that I occasionally dig out and turn on. Takes me back.

  3. That's a great record to have, Cro. One of the first real rock hits ever.

    mybabyjohn- I love that old tube sound. I have a radio that used to be my dad's and it takes a long time to warm up. Love it. We used to put it in the garage and listen to music while having skate parties. It's world band too, but with no backlight it can be hard to navigate.

  4. I also remember the crackle at the beginning of the redord. When I was a kid I used to collect 45s and still have a box of my youthfull favorites. I even have some early Elvis recordings someplace hiding in my basement.

  5. 45's are great! There are some B-sides that never had airplay but were wonderful songs. I'm so jealous of those Elvis records you have. That's really cool!

  6. I used to have quite the record collection. I wonder what happened to them. Probably in my parents basement in Michigan full of dust and spiders.

  7. We've still got a pile of 45's and LP's in the attic - all the 60's and 70's stuff! Amy I used to buy records like they were going out of fashion before I got married! They tended to warp a bit too and sometimes the needle would get stuck in a groove! Those were the days!

  8. Stephen- I've been witness to people finding those old records and they are as good as new. Not always, but it's certainly nice when it happens.

    Molly- Oooh, I bet that's a great collection. Talking about all this has made me feel all itchy inside, like I need to go to the store, haha.

  9. Thanks Amy, for the comment. The first record I ever owned was the Original Soundtrack of Grease. Probably in the late 70s or early 80s. I would get home from school and play it, the smell of the record was divine. And would listen for hours. That was many moons ago. Enjoy.R is for Record is writing at its best, simply to the point.

  10. I don't have a record player, sadly - I do have a bit of vinyl that I've acquired for bands I'm a die-hard fan of, but I grew up in the CD age. Of course, vinyl HASN'T disappeared - and there are still a lot of people who prefer it. And bands still like to create it. Just like I don't think books are going to die out just 'cause we have ebooks now.

  11. That takes me back. I was so sad when he quit singing.

  12. Justin- Thank you. Glad you stopped by!

    Trisha- I feel the same way. For many people, books are more than just the reading, there's something about the feel and smell that can never be erased by technology. I find that I actually want to own a physical copy after reading something on the kindle.

    Donna- He had the perfect voice for this type of music. Kind of like Five for Fighting. Sweet sounds.


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