Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Get Crackin!

Well, so summer has started, and I'm setting up a plan both for myself and the kids to keep busy. I want to finish two drafts, as well as illustrate a side project (just for fun), exercise, and read A LOT. For the kids, I want to help them draw and write books using art paper, have them put a few plays together, read a certain number of books, teach Julia more of her sight words and phonics and math for 1st grade. Julia wants to film little videos of her toys (like little plays) for YouTube, and also I want to film her drawing her pictures for a little series on YouTube.

I'm hoping there will be a vacation sometime, but I'm not counting on it.

And that's about it. Swimming, baking, trips to the nature park . . . Summer is here!


  1. Hip hip.....hurray!!!!!

  2. That sounds like a lovely summer plan. Or plans, I should say. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your summer as it moves along.--Inger

  3. We'll see how it goes. Right now I'm feeling bit put off by losing all my free time. I had a couple of hours four times a week to clean or write or go to the store. Now, nothing. Sour grapes, I know. I'll get over it.

  4. It is good to have a plan, especially when you have children. I will have my grandchildren on some days and I always make sure there are things for them to do and enjoy themselves. It is a lot of work, but worth it when I see their smiling faces.

    I will have breather time though as it is not everyday. As you are a mom, there is no time to breathe, but enjoy it as time goes by so quickly. Good luck.

  5. So happy it's finally warming up... all I want to do is be outside in this weather, at the beach with a good book. I think I spent 90% of this last weekend outside, at it was wonderful.

    Good luck with your drafts.

  6. Happy happy summer! Love that photo.

  7. Amy, I've been out of blog land for the past few days and am just catching up reading your posts. That tornado in Missouri must have been horrendous - my heart goes out to the people there. I had a look at the forecast for your little bit of the globe. They are predicting more storms for South Kansas on Wednesday - Keep safe.
    To see little Julia doing her drawings on you tube would be brilliant - she's a really talented little artist. Love u lots, Molly xx

  8. Amy I am hearing more rumblings of bad weather out your way...for goodness sake, keep safe.

  9. Happy Holls! Do let us know where to look for Julia's YouTube videos.

    Keep safe. Bisou, Cro.

  10. Thanks as always my friends! Yesterday was iffy with the weather, but colder temps weakened many of the storms. We still have something heading here, but it doesn't look too bad.

  11. have fun.
    bless you.

    Check out our short story slam today,

    We love creativity, your input is valued.

    Happy Friday!
    Hope to see you in!


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