All is good . . .

Just want to overwhelmingly thank everyone for the good thoughts and well wishes. We did have several tornado warnings yesterday, but all is good now. The sun is shining its beautiful shine.

I have a show tomorrow night at a coffeehouse in Kansas City, so that's what I'll be concentrating on tonight and tomorrow! Here's a poster I made to hand out at the gig. I'm happy with it; it's been in my head for a long time, but I was afraid I'd mess it up when pen met paper.

Take care out there! Love and Peace to all.


  1. didn't mess it up. Glad everything is good there. Good luck tomorrow night.

  2. All the best for the coffeehouse. You seem to be very busy at the moment!

  3. The audience will be swept away ... they will love you!

  4. So glad all is safe! Good luck with the gig! :o)

  5. Good luck with your gig tomorrow, I know you will wow them.

    The weather has been scary lately; I just hate seeing those alarms and warning signals on TV. Stay safe.

  6. And now tomorrow is today and I hope the gig is going brilliantly. Love your poster Amy xx


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