Because such an important event has happened today, I will make a double post and tell you how I feel about all of it. You probably know I'm a liberal, though I do try extremely hard to look at things from a clean perspective without any labels to cloud my view. What I feel today is not what I would have felt as an eighteen-year-old. I was really liberal then! I would have said that murder is murder and no one should rejoice a man being killed just for revenge. Well, the older Amy says Osama Bin Laden being killed was more than just. For all the families that have suffered with grief these last ten years, and for the continued growth of hatred spread by Osama, murder was the right thing to do. It's no coincidence his death coincides with Hitler's—and by the way, a famous white supremacist was murdered recently. I find that of no coincidence either. The universe has a way of sending out messages. And this message is clear: death to hatred, death to racism, death to judgment, and pain, and misery. Let it be gone from this earth for good.

After 9/11 I spent every evening for almost a year crouched on my darkened kitchen floor praying for those that were killed, and for the families still living. Something in me felt compelled to do this. I ached for them, as we all did and still do. The world can now feel joy again, if it wishes. The air feels clean. Justice has been served.

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/2011/05/02/2011-05-02_osama_bin_laden_dead_president_obama_advisors_watched_raid_to_kill_al_qaeda_lead.html#ixzz1LF6o97LF


  1. I've just commented on another site (Tom's) that I knew a woman who was in one of the twin tower 'planes. So on her behalf 'thank you' to whoever fired the fatal shot!

  2. Amy, being a liberal who understands the need to be more moderate as the years pass, could not agree with you more. I am so proud of the brave men who did this and for a President who had the balls (could have gone the other way) to give the order. Not sure we are safer, but the world is a little cleaner today.


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