I've been practicing for my gig for a while now, but this week was going to be a real lockdown with me going through the set once or twice every day while the kids were in school. Well you can guess what happened. Ear infections. Sick days. Extra money spent on doctor's visits and prescriptions. I had eighty dollars on Tuesday that I was going to use to buy a new pair of shoes for the gig. All gone. But . . . this is what being a mom is all about. So when Mother's Day rolls around this Sunday, I'm not going to be crying about what I have or don't have in terms or time or material possessions. As long as my kids are healthy and happy, then life is good for me. Just hand me a margarita and we'll call it even.


  1. *sends margarita*

    Sounds like you're a fabulous mom so Happy Early Mother's Day!!!

    So sorry about all the things that came into play, just shows that you're able to handle anything that life throws your way!!!

  2. YOU would have been the only person to know that the shoes were brand new... just buff-up an old pair, and pretend. Go steady on the margaritas.... I prescribe a maximum of 12.

  3. You're right. And I'm sorry for the moaning and complaining on here, haha. I wasn't going to spend THAT much on a pair of shoes, but just to see all my money leave right when I thought I had it all laid out . . . oh life is like that! Thanks for listening.

  4. Listen to Cro, he always has good insight. Nobody will notice your shoes, they will be looking at your beautiful face and listening to your lovely voice. You will kill!

  5. And there was me thinking that margaritas were flowers (those lovely little daisies) then when I read again I realised they were not flowers at all, but drinkies and I can see what Cro means, Amy :) I wish you a beautiful bouquet of roses for Sunday for being a lovely mum - and echo starting over's comment too.
    Amy, you shine xxxxx

  6. Starting Over and Molly- Thank you for the sweet word and encouragement. xxxx

  7. I am just totally amazed at your multi-talented self.


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