Happy Mother's Day to all the mommies out there! It ain't an easy job, so I hope you're enjoying yourself and having a great day.

Moving on to other things . . . I was just thinking how much more accomplished I feel now that my book is to be published. It's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Everyone I know has a degree, or a solid job doing something that is respected, and for the last few years I've felt as if I was grasping at straws, flailing from a worn rope. I love music, I love writing, and I love art. And I LOVE being a mom. I've put my heart and soul into all of those things. And finally, finally it feels like I'm graduating and being handed a degree. That's an incredibly nice feeling ya'll. Big time nice!

I feel like partying . . .


  1. Well that's definitely a reason to celebrate! YAY!!!

  2. Congratulations, Amy. Enjoy the Happy Dance!--Inger

  3. And with first class honours too. Dear Amy, hope you had a fantastic day. Love Molly xxxxx

  4. No time to celebrate; you've got 'best seller' No 2 to write!

  5. Oh so true! I really need to hunker down to that second novel.


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