This is it

Well today's the day. Or tonight rather. This is the worst and the best time of doing a gig, because it's when you realize all those stupid lyrics that are being forgotten will probably still be forgotten at the show, and there's no more time left to make your brain remember. It's when that darn guitar chord is still not sounding perfect and the guillotine nears close. It's when a performer gets to see their dreams come true. It's when we get to wear thicker make-up, and nice clothes, and we get to be important for a few hours of our lives. The best part is that someone new will be out there hearing our music for the first time.

I've been practicing down in the basement staring at a kid toy that's perched on a box, and it has become my best audience member . . .


  1. Oh good luck tonight! I suffer horribly before gigs, as you know, and this just made me feel really anxious!

  2. Break a leg, Amy. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  3. Good luck, good luck, GOOD LUCK!

  4. I appreciate it Molly : ) Thank you!


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