Sunday, June 5, 2011

Long time . . .

Summer has completely thrown me off track. Any change in schedule does that to me. But I'm getting to the point where I can carry around a notebook and pen and try to produce a short story or thoughts on something for the future. Switching between music and writing is kind of crazy as well. You wouldn't think there would be such a difference, but there is. I've really started to realize these last few years that being a musician means you possess somewhat of an ego. There's a certain level of confidence needed to call and get gigs, and then to go play gigs. Being a writer is about honing your craft and knowing that someday success will happen. There's a lot of grace in writing, I love it. And I love being a musician. But I need grace. I need serenity. I'm very self-destructive and can't dwell in something that asks me to pump myself up all the time, 'cause that's just not something I can do. So, yeah, it's crazy.

Anyway, you can see my dilemma, my twisted thought process, like catching clouds.

I forgot to say, there's a new kitten in the house. That's what has really messed-up my schedule. But in a good way, 'cause she's a sweet little adorable thing. Julia wanted to name her Grape.


  1. She's adorable and appears to have taken over control of the house in a very majestic manner. May I suggest Princess Grape?

  2. Welcome back, Amy. Seeing that cats (or kittens) never respond to their given names, one can call them almost anything! She looks like a 'Smudge' to me.

  3. What a pretty kitty. You present an interesting observation that I've never thought about before. Music is out there to be presented and enjoyed in the moment and writing is more of a solitary craft.

  4. We missed you Amy and are happy to see you back. Nice to meet Grape, which I think is a very original and imaginative name. She could have chosen Pea, but that could lead to some other problems.

  5. Nice to be back! Grape is such a sweet little girl, and she's warmed up to me quite fast. She already comes up to my legs to purr and rub, and then attacks my ankle with her little kitty claws. She sleeps on the bedside table, and just lays there waiting patiently for me to get up (6 o'clock is late to her!). Oh, and she sits in the bathroom and watches me get ready every day. Henry isn't so sure about the whole thing, but he likes to play chase with her, haha.

  6. Amy - I'm so glad you're back - I've missed you. Your voice is beautiful - I love 'Meadowland.' I haven't heard 'Windswept' but think that I would love listening to it too. As far as ego goes - you are the least ego-centric person I know! Value your achievements - you know when you've given your all and its good! And your writing too it's good - hope the publishing is going well.
    Grape is gorgeous. I've been wittering on - things have been happening a bit in darkest Wales too - I had to put poor old Mollygolver to bed and have a new blog address - which is starting from scratch again. It looks very blank and bare at the moment. Still got to put my bloglist up etc. Love u lots Molly xx

  7. Molly- I was wondering what happened with your blog. When I clicked on the link it told me I didn't have access. I just figured something technical was going on!

    Thank you, thank you for the compliments. Everything will work out in my head, haha. It has to! : )


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