Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Short Story Submissions

I wrote a story last week that has now become one of my favorites, so today I think I will do some research on submission letters. I've sent things out before, but I get so darn nervous with the whole submission process, editors, and all that. For lack of better words, my brain freaks out. If anyone has advice on these things, go ahead and lay it on me.

Also, I should be receiving notes from my editor any day now. I feel nervous about that, because it's almost like someone looking through your dirty laundry, isn't it? They are lookingfor weak areas, mistakes to be fixed. Shiver. Whatever she finds, I won't berate myself in shame, I'll just accept that we cannot always see flaws in our manuscripts, and thank heavens I have an editor to see what I couldn't see! Then, I'll work my butt off to do said changes (well, after procrastinating for half a day).

Yesterday I recorded another radio spot with my friend Marshall Rimann. It was a lot of fun! How cool is it to be allowed to go in a radio station and see all the inner workings of those folks? I love it. Completely cool experience!


  1. Short story submissions are really simple, especially if you are submitting to a magazine or anthology. I usually will say:

    Dear [Editor's Name],

    Thank you for considering my [word count] [type of story] ["story title"] for your [magazine/anthology]. My author bio is below.

    [Author bio]

    Thank you,

    [Your information]

    Most short story places don't require you to add a description of your story. Of course, you'll have to check with the submissions to see if this is the case. Good luck with it!

  2. or.

    Dear (same Editor's name)

    I know you won't be the slightest bit interested in all the wit and hard labour that I've put into this story, so please return (coffee stained, crumpled, and torn) in expensive enclosed stamp addressed envelope.


    Yours sincerely, Amy xxx

  3. I'm afraid I don't have much to add--I've never sent a short story to anyone.

    Good luck submitting!

  4. Cherie- Very helpful. Thank you!

    Cro- How did you get my letter?!! Haha,

    The Golden Eagle- THanks!

  5. Just wanted to stop by and say HI! It's been such a long time. Hope you're having a great summer!

  6. Let's see, I don't think it's the best submission method, but I get the email composed and ready to send. Then I freak out and save it as a draft. Pace around the house reminding myself of statemtent I made to my teen son "Yes, it's hard to get a job in this economy, but it's virtually impossible if you don't fill out an application."

    Then I race upstairs, hit send and...freak out some more.

  7. Have confidence in yourself Amy. You have the talent, your book is going to be published and all famous authors have editors. Take no offense about their critiques, it is part of the process.

    Repeat after me, I am Amy, and I am G-O-O-D.

    Do the submission letter for your short story per a templet or such and let it fly.

    I say all of this knowing that everytime I write a simple post on my blog, I have butterflies in my stomach when I click "publish". However, I don't have the talent that you have.

  8. KImberly- Hi!

    Diane- I can relate to your method, most definitely!

    Starting Over- Oh my gosh, THANK YOU. Let me say this, YOU are very talented, and I'm so thankful for what you just wrote.

  9. I've only sent out a handful of submissions. It is so nerve-wracking! Good luck!

    That is such a great way to look at getting your letter from your editor. Very positive!

  10. Thank you Jessica. And good luck to you!


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