One of the settings in my book is a set of caves that Emma and Will must negotiate in the dark to escape being turned into ghosts forever. I didn't start off with a real, determined location, but after falling upon an article describing the beautiful caves in the O'Bannon State Park, I became so excited with the idea of using such a location in my book. I never mention cave specifics, but did write about an indoor mountainous structure located in the Wyandotte Caves called Monument Mountain. Of course my next thought was to have my characters end up in this wildly fantastic hidden apex of the middle earth. I'd love to go see it some day.

Unfortunately, and this does sound funny when I say it, but a bat fungus has closed many caves to visitors in the last few years, so it may be a long time before I get to see my fictional character's real-life location.

It's so hot today that I would take a cave over a house. But the bats . . . well, yeah, I'd have to say no to bats.


  1. Bats are okay in your garden but not too close please. Keep cool.

  2. Hanging out in a nice cool cave sounds very nice right now. Bats, schmats.

  3. Bats are good, they eat the mosquitos. This bat fungus is killing them off and that is not a good thing.

    However, would I like to spend an evening in a cave with one or say a minute or two in an up-close encounter - no siree.

    How is it going on the book editing?

  4. The book editing is going fine. I actually sent in the first round and won't hear anything until fall. It always takes awhile to get acclimated into normal life again. I really, really like to bury myself with projects (after i get over freaking out!).


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