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I used to watch a lot of BBC America, and I loved a couple of shows they ran. One was called Changing Rooms I think, the other had a similar concept but it was for gardens. It featured a straight laced announcer kind of guy, a big handy man (Andy? I think) and a beautiful redhead Charlie. She never wore a bra, I can remember that much. Those three would get together and transform a garden into a mini outdoor spa. Oh, the kicker was they only had two days to get it done. That was a great show.

Now BBCA just shows Star Trek of all things, and Top Gear. What do you guys think? What are your favorite BBC shows? Tell me what's new and what I can expect to show here in a few months.


  1. I loved Changing Rooms! I also know what you're talking about that she never wore a bra! It was hard to miss!!

    I'm not much for Star Trek or Top Gear, but I know my co-workers love both! Guess they're still working for some!

  2. I love the home improvement shows too. And COOKING shows for some weird reason because I HATE cooking.

  3. I hate Top Gear. With a passion! My current favourite BBC show is Miranda. It's a comedy show and I love Miranda Hart!

  4. Jen- I wish they would air Changing Rooms again : (

    Jessica- I love cooking shows too. We had one for a while called Take Home Chef. That was the best!

    Talli- Yeah, I'm sick of Top Gear. Haven't seen Miranda yet. I'll have to see when it's on.

  5. The English expression 'A nice pair of Dimmocks' comes from that gardening programme.

    Talli's choice is good; 'Miranda' is quite special. River cottage with Hugh F-W is a favourite. Otherwise not too much. Heartbeat maybe. I don't like programmes with violence, explosions, or shouting.

  6. I remember Changing Rooms, and the garden one with Andy and the braless woman. Great tv!

  7. I remember that gardening programme with Alan Titchmarsh, Handy Andy and Charlie Dimmock - d'you know, I can't think what it was called! I saw Charlie Dimmock when she came to open a Garden Centre just outside of Welshpool. Apparently she lost her mother in that dreadful tsunami a few years back. She does not do many TV programmes now. One programme I like now is 'Gardener's World' where they give you all sorts of little hints and tips - I enjoy that. Like Cro says - 'Miranda' is a good comedy programme. Amy, all the best for tomorrow xxx

  8. Are you not getting 'Torchwood' yet? All my (younger) friends love it. It has been running here for a while but the new season has moved the surviving characters (most of them got killed off last season) to the USA where they are having a glitzy high-budget adventure courtesy of BBC America's US co-funders. Some people are furious about the 'Americanisation' of the story but I'm loving it. It's not for those who don't like explosions and violence but I'm also uncertain about how some of the themes/political subplots will play in the USA. Perhaps people there are more open-minded than we sometimes give credit for but I'm not the only one of my friends who's curious to see the reception it gets.

    'The Office' and 'Being Human' were both BBC series which were remade for American TV. I've not seen the US versions but I've read that they do work.

    'Top Gear' is hugely popular over here, though I must admit I'm not a fan.

    I think we do get a bit carried away with how wonderful the BBC is. There's not a lot I watch these days - and an enormous proportion of the good stuff is bought-in US shows. BBC Radio does offer something I don't think you have - and it is available online all over the world.

  9. I have been watching Doc Martin. It is British but on PBS. At first I thought it odd, but as in all soap operas, I got hooked. 60 Minutes was featuring a story on Top Gear tonight. I had never heard of it but my husband said he watches it often. Crazy guys!


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