Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Shoot

Well, I did the photo shoot. The studio was located in the River Market area in Kansas City, upstairs from Harry's Country Club—a nice little bar/pub at the end of a city street. A group of folks were outside talking and when they saw me walk up with my folksy dress and belt and guitar, they said, "Hey, are you the entertainment?" "No," I answered back. "Aw, well you could be. Go on in there and take the stage." "Uh, thanks, but no, I have a photo shoot." They were really starting to pressure me, those folks!

The photographer's name is Corky, and he came out of the bar just in time to save me from the crowd. We went upstairs and spent the next hour and a half taking shots near brick walks and windows; with chairs and tables as props. I had three dress changes and tons of different poses. He probably took several hundred shots, which he'll put on a disc for me to sort through later on. I think he tries to do a lot of tone corrections, sizing, etc. He was really nice about the whole thing, and kept up a string of pose ideas instead of asking me to make up things on spot. That was good for me, and kept things at a nice, calm level.

He wrote an email saying he was in the bar later after the shoot, and wouldn't you know he ran into a local music blogger who writes about up and coming acts as well as all the big touring acts that come into town? Corky is going to send me the information later so I can send out a cd package/press release. That's great news. I can't believe the timing! Karmic, I tell you.

So that's it. I have seen one picture and it's very nice, and though I will never like looking at my face, I can appreciate the great quality, and posing, lighting, etc. He did a great job. I'll let you see it and more when they are available. Thank you for the good thoughts, everyone. I truly appreciate being surrounded by wonderful people such as you!


  1. Can't wait to see some of those shots. I'm expecting fabulous.

  2. Oh wow, Amy - I'm so glad it all went so well for you! Wasn't it great, Corky running into that Music Blogger like that.
    Amy the world's your oyster xxxx

  3. I love the name Corky -- and I love this story because it confirms that the people who can help us reach our dreams our out there waiting for us...we just have to step out of our door and find them.

  4. Thank you again for the kind words and encouragement.

  5. I used to have a cat named Corky. Well done, Amy. Your fears were groundless. I'm certain you'll have a load of wonderful pix! Let's see them soon.

  6. Congratulations. It sounds fabulous.

  7. Can't wait to see these photos! Eek. I'm sorry, I actually thought you were performing on Tuesday too. My bad! :-/ Glad it all worked out!


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