Situation Break-Down

Despite what I wrote yesterday, the truth is that it's hard to get back into writing after being off for a certain amount of time. I find myself fumbling with words and unable to trust my ability. It was so easy before, but I lost my confidence and now I have to find ways to get back into the flow. The best thing a writer can do is just write and think later. My problem is that I am thinking too much. Today's the day.

One thing that I've thought about quite a bit is how, in order to write fiction, we must allow our characters to rule our thoughts. I know that sounds crazy, and it is. But that's what works for me. I write best when my real world—including ME—is second to the fictional ticker tape in my head. Everything I eat, think, do, is enhanced by what my characters will do and say next. It's a fun life, really. When life is hectic and we are jerked out of this lovely thought mode, it feels awkward. Some folks save it all for the time they are sitting in front of their computers, but I like to let it roll all day and night. We're all different.

One thing though, the times when I was struggling in front of the computer, and the times I was rolling free, I couldn't see it in the work. It all looked the same. So moral of the story: you are who you are as a writer, situation good or bad. There's something comforting about that.


  1. You'll be back in the swing before you know it.

  2. The flow will come.

    Living two lives at once, interesting, but could get confusing. Which one is having more fun?

  3. Amy, I couldn't agree more! Which is why I absolutely can NOT do a daily writing schedule as so many suggest. Because I know what will happen. The work will take over my life and then it all becomes unbalanced. So I wait until I have a stretch of time where I know I CAN let the work take over, and then I go to town. This is why I like BuNoWriMo in June. It's my birthday month, I become selfish, and I write my 50K words of a rough draft. Then I've got all year to revise. I tried the Nov. one but can't do it because I have too many family demands at that time.

  4. Sometimes I think there's a bit of pressure to write something profound and insightful in blog posts. The more followers you have the more pressure - everyone's waiting for your next sentence.

    Thing is, your followers read your blog regardless of what you write, mind-blowing or not so don't worry about it, it'll be very readable whatever you put down here.

  5. Thanks for reading everyone.

    Karen- I might try the Nano this year, but I don't know. That's a lot of pressure. But it does make me think about deadlines and how effective they can actually be with us writers. Sometimes I like to make invisible end dates for my work to push things along.

    Chris- That's comforting, thanks for that! : )

  6. one thing, like you, i found it helps when i get stuck... ask/demand the character what s/he would say/do next... weird, but it works

    i gave up on nano, too much rl interference

    you'll be back in the swing in no time, amy :)


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