Get Unstuck

I've figured something out about writing, or non-writing, rather. If you've ever had writer's block due to stress, change of routine, then I have a few suggestions to get you back in the groove again. First of all, try not to panic. You've written before and it will happen again. I think the best tip to getting back into your work is to go over your old work. Edit the chapters leading into your new section. Believe me, even areas you thought were finished will yield some edit-worthy mistakes. And it will help set your mind to writing mode again.

Other suggestions are to listen to music related to certain projects—create a playlist. Take walks. Drink tons of water. Do a lot of water based chores like washing dishes, laundry, watering the plants. Of course, a good shower is the best thing ever for writer's block. It makes the ideas flow! I can't tell you how many times I've had story ideas, dialogue, plot fixes . . . while shampooing my hair. It's awesome, if not a bit inconvenient.

Also, don't pander to yourself about writer's block. If you can't write on a manuscript then write a blog, or a journal, or something, anything. It doesn't matter what you write, just write.

Sometimes I think we are afraid we can't match our former brilliance, that the magic has passed on to some other person. We will and it hasn't. Just keep repeating that to yourself. We will and it hasn't.


  1. Wonderful tips!!! I like the idea about water helping ideas to flow. I never thought of that before but actually it has worked for me many times. Also vacuuming, and napping.

  2. I find that when I do my walking or jogging alone, that I can come up with some good writing ideas. If if sit there and try to think, think, think of a concept, I come up blank. You are totally right about the water, some of my best thoughts come about in the shower.

  3. Water? Where did that come from! Writing and Painting must have a lot in common. I often get 'Painter's Block', but simply ignore it and do something else (maybe for months). But it always comes back; usually with a bang. I don't think there's a way of forcing it..... Maybe I should try your water treatment!

  4. Amy - thanks for all the brilliant tips. I had a touch of 'blogger's block a bit back' Like you say - keep writing and it does come back! so I say back to you keep writing, love Molly xxx

  5. I really do think the water thing works!

    Molly, I guess blogging on a daily basis can get to a person after awhile. I think we all start off strong, then we run out of ideas and panic. You have such lovely blog posts though. And beautiful, beautiful pictures!


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