Sunday, September 18, 2011

Let you entertain me

It's raining and fall has settled in and I'm in the mood to hear some real ghost stories. Real? I know some folks don't believe in ghosts, but if you have *what you believe to be* a real one-on-one encounter, or an account from a friend or relative, it'll do.

My closest ghost encounter happened at a relative's birthday party held in a Victorian bed and breakfast in Topeka, Ks. It was nighttime, and a few of us had gone to the second level of the home to check out the house design, furniture, etc. I had the overwhelming feeling of being watched as I looked over old lamps and paintings. There was a sort of feeling of not being wanted, like I was intruding, but there was no one there that I could be intruding on. No physical person, just a feeling. A trip down to the cellar heightened those feelings. There were dirt walls, creaky flooring overhead with cobwebs and slits of light shifting through. Mostly it was the shadows, the cold shadows. It felt like a grave.

Another time I had that feeling was the night I stayed at a carriage house in Aspen. Don't ever sleep in the room that used to act as a mortuary. Just. Don't. Every second of that night I felt like someone was in my face staring at me. I never was so happy to see daylight! Of course, morning in Aspen is a beautiful thing. You open the shutters and all around you are gorgeous mountain peaks and a blue sky. And no ghosts.

My next experience might occur again in Colorado, but this time in my favorite town ever: Manitou Springs with its haunted Marimont Castle. I couldn't take a tour last time, but when I do get to go again, I am definitely stepping inside.

An now it's your turn.


  1. Our house is not old but it is packed full of family things spanning five generations. I have never actually seen a "ghost". I like to think of it as residual energy. We have moments where we can smell pipe or cigar smoke, perfume, etc even though no one smokes in the house and we are both scent sensitive so there are no scented items in the house. We catch movement out of the corner of our eyes and sometimes we put things down and they aren't there when we get back (altough that could be old age catching up with us). There is just the warm feeling of a house full of family here. We like it.

  2. That's really cool. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Amy, what Delores has described is similar to what sometimes happens here too. Our house is getting on a bit and was built in the 18th century. There are times when we can smell cigar smoke particularly in the main bed room. (No smokers here either)It's quite weird although it doesn't frighten me.

  4. I wrote a comment this morning, but it did not publish correctly.

    Amy, haven't you seen movies about ghosts? Never, never go into an old house's basement alone. NEVER, NEVER!

    I do not believe in ghosts or an afterlife, however -

    A few years ago hubBy and I and a few friends went to a 200+ year old restaurant that was purpotedly haunted for A New Years Eve Fest. We were seated in the attic, the only ones on that floor. During the evening the lights flickered, there were noises and it was totally creepy. Did the owner give us a show or what. Hmmm.

    During my mother's life she had a joke about coming back after death. She wanted to be a big bird and fly over people who annoyed her in life and drop a bomb.. After her funeral, as all the guests were seated outside in her yard, a large bird came over us and let it's poop amunition go. This person will be un-named, but we all looked at each other and said, Mom got her wish"

    My sister lives in the house that my parents had and about 4 or 5 months after Mom's death, Sue was awakened with a dream. She heard my Mom's voice say, "Sue get up, get up". She immediately woke up as it was disturbing and went out to the kitchen In there were flames coming out of the heater. She got there just in time. Strange.

    For years, during difficult time, Sue would find a white feather outside her door. I, and my other sister have also had this experience.

    No, I don't believe, but......

  5. I've never had any ghostly experiences--a few ghastly ones, but I won't go there. I saw Manitou Springs recently, and it's lovely.

  6. Molly- That kind of thing gives me tingles up my spine!

    Starting Over- I love the story about your mother, it is both beautiful and funny. And your sister's story about your mom is something else! Thanks for telling those!

    Bob- I want to go back to Manitou so bad. What a strange and eclectic place. From the streets that go up and curve around, to the awesome main street with all its little shops . . . it's just such a memorable town.

  7. It was a cold November evening, and the old church bell had just rung midnight as I passed through the ill-lit graveyard. I had a feeling that there was someone following me.....

    Sorry Amy, but I'm amongst those who don't believe in ghosts. Great idea, but.

  8. Eeeeeek! I live in a very old house (like most in London!) so I really try not to think about it too much. :)

  9. I was awake, I know I was. The bedroom light at the front of the house makes a distinctive noise when switched on and off. It was being switched on and off but with no light coming from the room.

    Then came the scratching sound which I still haven't been able to reconstruct.

    I rolled over in bed to face the doorway, where the noise was coming from. Which is when I saw it.

    Imagine turning your head, and opening your eyes to see a glowing white 'mist' right in front of your face.

    I let out a bit of a shout, very startled obviously, and the white 'thing' literally shot back into the corner of the room where it hung for a couple of seconds before gradually fading. It was like it had been as startled as me.

    My hand reached for the table lamp switch (I was very awake) and shouted again 'what the f... is that!'

    When I turned back it had gone. It had a sort of shape, very difficult to describe. I had the sense it was scrutinising me whilst I was asleep.

    The dog constantly gazes at open doorways and sits staring at the corners of the ceilings.


  10. Chris- Creepy. Nothing good can come from a mist.


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