Time, time, time

If you found a time machine and could go back to any day or year in your life, or era/event in history, what would it be? I had a friend who explained her ideas on time travel to me back in high school, that years are like layers of an onion and someday we might access the inner rings. Or maybe time is like a movie always playing, and someday we might find a way to access each event with a remote control. We could rewind, watch, pause, then fast forward back to present day.

I would go back to the first year or two that my daughter was born. It was such a beautiful time. The feel of her in my arms, the soft feathers of her hair, her smile, her cooing, the smell of powder and milk and baby lotion. She was a smiley, happy baby in my arms and I loved every minute of her infancy. I'd visit the time my son was a baby as well, but if I had to choose, I'd choose Julia's because she was my first. Sorry Liam!

For events outside of my own personal life, I would visit the 70's (of course) and just hang around all the groovy people in a small town somewhere. Maybe just a day. See if I can get invited to a party, go to a bar, go shop at some old grocery store with all the products and their vintage packaging, read a newspaper, drive around in some old Dodge or something, talk to strangers . . . I'd go to an old department store and get decked out in all the crazy clothes, hair, makeup. I'd go to a rock concert. It would be hard planning it so that all the things I wanted to happen could happen in one area and in twenty-four hours, but it would be a blast! If you don't hear from me in a week or two, you know where I am baby!

I'd also visit the 50's. Aside from a few major flaws in society (like sexism and racism) the 50's were full of an optimistic viewpoint that is almost divine. The war was over, life was getting good. Food was a-plenty, music was everywhere. You could smoke, drink, wear bright red lipstick, drive a huge car, which, by the way, you didn't have to fill up yourself. Pollock was king, movies were cheap . . . A kid could walk not only down the street, but through the town, all by him or herself without fear. Jimmy Stewart was still around. I love Jimmy Stewart.

Let's see . . . I'd spend five minutes in these times: the ice age, the prehistoric age, the Sermon on the Mount, American Victoria, the wild west, my teenage years (shudder) . . . and many more!

What about you?


  1. Are you talking about reversing time and reliving life or just dropping in for a visit on your younger self? If I could go back and relive I would go right back to the beginning and try to get it right this time. If I am just dropping in as an observer..nah..been there and done that. Now a trip to the future? Oh boy!!

  2. What if we are on our third or second trip already, but we don't know it because our memories were erased?

    Future? Yeah, that would be cool. I could dig me some flying cars and Jetson style eep-op-ork-ah-ah.

  3. Amy, I'd like to go back about 1,980 years to the middle east, just to see who this Jesus guy really was. It's worried me all my life that one man could be uniquely responsible for so much trouble throughout history.

  4. I would go back to the time when I first fell in love. What a glorious feeling that was.

  5. I'd love to go back to my childhood. Such great times, hanging about in the forest building forts and such!

  6. Cro- Have you ever watched the movie "The Gods Must Be Crazy"? Sometimes Jesus reminds me of the pop glass bottle the tribal people find. They're delighted, curious, and they all want a piece of this magic thing—so much that they start hitting each other over the head with it. I think religion is a lot like that. We want the magic so bad that we're willing to kill, lie, cheat, degrade, damn, curse even though those are the direct opposite of religion supposedly teaches. To me Jesus, in his pure essence, is a beautiful thing. I guess that goes for Buddha, Moses or whoever . . .

    Starting Over- Nice!

    Talli- I like the sound of that!

  7. Amy - in all truth I would not want to go back to any of my life - its gone and I have to keep going forward. While I was reading your post I kept thinking about that old Tammy Wynette song, 'One day at a time, sweet Jesus, is all I'm asking from you.....' and that's how it is with me, strange person that I am.

  8. Molly, you're very wise. Your way of thinking is really the best of all.

  9. I love your choices! I'm sitting here trying to decide what I'd choose, what I'd go back and do. I think maybe I'd create a better relationship with my sisters so we didn't miss a few years. We're still really close but it would have been nice to be the Three Musketeers after my parents divorce!

  10. That's a nice one Jen. It's too bad we can't really go back and relive or redo sometimes : ) Love that you'd be with your sisters.

  11. An English tavern in London, circa 1690.

  12. That would be an interesting time Tom, for sure. I know you would be in heaven with all the glassware. Our city museum has a small collection of Georgian glass (I think that's what you collect, please correct me if I'm wrong!). Next time I go, I'll try to take some pics.


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