A pot to stew

So last night I blasted music and Liam and I danced and danced and danced. I could twirl and kick and shake my hips forever, but eventually it was bedtime. I love dancing with my kids.

Julia has been having a difficult time this week with bullies, though I would never have known. I just asked her out of the blue, "Are there any bullies at your school?" "Why . . . yes." She went on to tell me about the kids at recess who push her behind trees and trap her. I guess they threw rocks at Julia's face on Friday, busting her lip, and said, "We hate you, you *****." This, to a six-year-old girl who is very nice, and really very smart. Julia is too nice, and too smart, and she's too naive and too overwhelmed. She's like a little butterfly; easy to hate and hurt if you're the hatin' hurtin' kind.

So anyway, my first urge was to go kick some grade-school behind, but I can't do that, so I'll just have to send a note to the teacher and keep a close eye on the situation.

Bullies. They'll always exist. One leaves, another sets up shop. Mean faced, scrunchy-eyed, pot-faced, yellow-teethed, rock throwin', hatin', fowl-mouthed cowards. Go away already. Leave us cool folks alone.

My mom says that when her school had bake sales, some kids would get revenge on others by putting chocolate Ex-Lax in the brownies. Now, I'm pretty darn sure that's against the law these days, but the thought of it makes me smile. Also, voodoo dolls look real good right now.


  1. These days you could probably threaten litigation. And quite right too!

  2. Dear Amy,

    Your post upset me so. This should not be happening to a 6 years old little girl, nor should it happen to any any child. With all the media attention put on bullying, you would think that there would be less of this behavior in our schools. However, as you said, when one bully goes away, another one comes along.

    As a child, I was bullied and the feelings of inadequacy still stay a small part of me. I was the new girl in school twice, had lots of freckles and crooked teeth. The bullies saw my vulnerability and acted upon it. I suffered though it, never told my parents because I felt shame, and never fought back. However, later on I had my teeth fixed and grew to love my freckles and myself, but there is still that hurt inside of me, even after all these years.

    Other than going to the school authorities, could you contact the parents of these children who are picking on Julia. A child who is allowed to bully will grow up to do the same throughout their lives.

  3. Thanks for your insight and concern. This is one of those situations where, as a parent, I'm caught between wanting to storm in there, or holding back just a bit to see if things can work out in a calm manner. Julia said the kids were sent to the principal's office, but why wasn't a note sent home to me? I don't want to take it lightly, but I don't want to make her more of a target. So frustrating.

  4. Amy, I want to wish you good luck with your book & music blog tour. That sounds like fun! :)
    All the best.

  5. You're a wonderful mom if you ask them whether there are bullies at school. I don't think my parents ever asked that - only once did I have a bad experience and my Mom stomped straight to school to kick some °°°. I can feel with you for wanting to make some special chocolate. I would be so tempted.
    I hope your girl is gonna be fine. She should be with you.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  6. Amy - I bet Liam loved dancing with you - what a lovely memory for him to hold on to and he will always remember it. When our grand daughter was his age I used to put the old Dansette record player to go and we'd have a good old stomp round. She used to love it. On the other hand, darling little Julia ... I can only echo what Arleen and everyone else has said all ready. Bullying is meanness and cowardice of the worst kind. Amy go into school and ask why the Principal did not think it was worth bothering to send a note home to you. I would have been so cross that they were (in my eyes) almost condoning it and I would certainly want to know why and what action they were going to take to prevent anything like this happening in future. Oh dear, these things make me so angry. Storm in there girl, I'm right behind you xxx

  7. Claudia- Thanks for commenting. The blog tour is actually for the beautiful and wonderful Jessica bell.

    Nahno- Thank you.

    Molly- It's hard not to get really upset about it, but there is part of me that wants to see if it can be settled easily so that Julia doesn't have to have her school life all shook up. I hope I don't sound apathetic when I say that I'll wait to visit the principal--hopefully things will work out so I won't have to at all. But something tells me I probably WILL have to : (. Thank you for the kind words and support. I needed it!

  8. Amy - I know what you're saying and it would be so awful for little Julia to be upset again. You sound lovely and caring and not in the least apathetic. I do hope things work out and you won't need to go into school, but thankfully at least now that Julia has told you, you can keep an eye on things. Love Molly xxx

  9. Had trouble when our daughter was in grade 7 in a new school....I kept out of it until the day came that she came home bruised and bloody. That day I stepped in and complained and the child ended up suspended. Too bad it had to go so far. Could you ask at your daughters school if they have a program for dealing with bullies?

  10. Love you too Miss Mollyxxx

    Delores- How terrible about your daughter. I just don't understand how other children can be so cruel! About the bully programs--I guess I just assumed they had one because most schools do these days, but I'll have to find out for sure.


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