Can't Beat Free

A few years ago I wrote a Christmas story and posted it on this blog, and I've always wanted to put it out as a short story e-book. So . . . I finally did it. There was some slight editing involved, but it's very close to the original. Best of all it's free. The formatting was difficult--I had to download a manual and still didn't get it quite right. But, who the heck cares anyway? Well, let's just call it my practice story : ) It's what's in the story that counts anyway.

BTW, I did the front cover myself. I was going to have Julia make the card for me, but she wouldn't so I had to pretend to be a kid and do it myself last night. Kind of fun. Can't believe Julia wouldn't do art on demand. BAH! Who does she think she is, anyway?

Okay, enjoy. If you do read it, thank you and Merry Christmas! Don't worry if you don't have a Kindle. You can download it as PDF as well as a few other non-Kindle readers. Here's the link:


  1. I'm going to read it in the next week or so Amy - thanks.

  2. You're welcome, Tom. Hope you like it.

  3. Amy, you are a wonderful writer. I enjoyed that story so much. Your talent with words and the way you put your heart and soul into your work makes everything you write so meaningful and touching.

    The short story is one of my favorite types of reading. Unfortuantely because of the demise of so many magazines that were the home of this type of writing, we are seeing less and less of it. I, for one, miss it.

  4. I'm so happy you liked it! Thanks for the kind words : )

  5. Amy - Ralph's story was brilliant. I loved it. I have the feeling it was also true. You are one of those people who make real Christmas happen xxx

  6. What a lovely Christmas gift to send us all.

  7. Molly- There was a lot of truth in there, and some manipulation of facts, haha. Mostly the truth though. Thanks for the sweet words! And thanks for reading.

    Delores- A big thanks to you too for reading, and for the kind sentiment!


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