Almost every afternoon I take a walk with Henry. Afterwards I try to write. Sometimes I write a lot and it's beautiful. Sometimes I can't write at all, and I feel hopeless. Sometimes I feel like a ghost. The children come home and I become distracted by their talk and messes--and that is good. One thing I've found myself doing is drawing faces of women. Not women I know, just random lines until something appears. Their expressions surprise me--I never know what kind of characteristics they'll extend until the last line. When I see each completed piece it's like I know them and they know me. But somehow we're all strangers.


  1. I like your top one the most. She has a very knowing expression (the little minx). She also has a straight parting; something that seems to elude most young women!

  2. They are all superb, Ms. Talent!

    Was the Meadowland cover a self portrait then?

  3. I like the top one too because I captured little physical traits that are so slight they shouldn't make a difference, but they come across--as you say--very knowing. The part is almost too straight. Oh well.

    Well, thank you Chris! And yes, Meadowland is a self portrait--as much as it can be. I probably wouldn't look as composed in the wind.

  4. These are awesome, Amy! I really love the top one.. so beautiful. :)

  5. I like your work.

    It's interesting that they all enjoy flowing hair and they all seem to be in their late teens or early 20s. Wonder what that might mean?

  6. Jessica, thank you so much!

    Arleen- Thank you! I think I'm going to work on some big art pieces this coming year.

    Mohamed- I think it's probably about me never feeling pretty. I've always felt like Quasimoto. So there's part of me that loves capturing a perfect line, and the other thing is capturing a feminine spirit that is free and flowing.

  7. But you are Amy and you've captured all those expressions beautifully.


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