It's the time for the season

It's time for Christmas Break! The kids will be home for almost three weeks. I don't think I ever had that much time off when I was a kid! Regardless, I'm very happy to have them with me all day, every day. Though Julia is the messiest human on earth, and Liam clings to me like an octopus, it's okay, because I love having my family near me. I'd homeschool, but the fact is I would make a horrible teacher so that option is out. Plus I need writing time. But you know what? I learned that I actually write more with them around than when they're gone. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone I told you that!

You ask--has Amy finished all her shopping? Why yes I have! Er, no. No, I haven't. But it's okay. I'll go out there tonight and kick some shopping gluteus maximus. Just a few more things and I'm done . . .

We already made a gingerbread house yesterday. No kits, either. I always start from scratch, making the dough and cutting out pieces I drafted myself. Then the kids can have at it, decorating with tons of candy and frosting. The poor thing is in pieces right now, though, because a naughty cousin pushed the sides in. It's the same naughty cousin that does the same naughty thing every Christmas Break!

The dangerous thing about these breaks--the salesmen come out in force. And just at a time when I'm waiting for the delivery man to drop off packages! So I, or the kids, run to open the door only to get stuck in a memorized dialogue with someone that won't take no for an answer. Never, EVER, let a vacuum salesmen into your house. They will not leave.

No snow yet. I don't want to lure it in like last year because it took forever to leave (like the vacuum salesmen), but I would like just a little bit of snow. Or a lot. But only for Christmas. And New Years. And maybe some in January.


  1. How nice to have such a lovely long break with your they only get one week. It's never long enough.

  2. I shall do my Christmas shopping on Friday. I hope they'll still have Turkeys, or I shall be in the mire!

  3. Building your own gingerbread house is quite a chore. I did one of those kits last year with my grandchildren and that was difficult and messy enough. However, when it was done, it was glorious.

    Have a wonderful holiday with your family Amy and maybe send the naughty cousin home.

  4. Delores- That doesn't seem like a lot of time!

    Cro- Better hurry . . .

    Starting Over- They're home now, haha.

  5. I've never seen those gingerbread house kits, Arleen mentioned .. and you making one from scratch, brilliant (except for naughty little cousins :( Amy have a lovely special Christmas with Julia and Liam and just enough snowflakes for Christmas Day. Love to you all from Molly xxx


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