For Molly

This is for our dear friend Molly who has been having some rough times lately. If you know Molly, then you know she has a great spirit and is a lovely person in so many ways--too many to count!

Molly, and everyone, you might like this. I know it's kind of strange to match up Natalie Cole and Andrea Bocelli, but it works so well. Merry Christmas, my friend. You're such a beautiful, sweet person to know!


  1. Beautiful singing....but....why does that man always look like he needs a razor? Thoughts and prayers go out for Molly...

  2. I don't know. Stubble's okay by me : )

  3. A perfect pairing. Beautiful voices. His stubble is sexy.

    Our Molly is such a dear soul and those of us who follow her are keeping her and her family in our thoughts.

  4. That's very nice of you Amy. We all meet a wonderful variety of interesting people out in blog-world, but somehow we just KNOW that Molly is such a lovely person. The world's good wishes are flying her way!

  5. Amy - that was lovely and so are you. Thank you too for all the other comments. Merry Christmas to you too xxxxx


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