Something I've just discovered, well, I already knew Hockney had dachshunds, and I knew Thurber had one, I knew Napoleon had one hidden in his vest (that's why he was always sticking his hand in there--to give it kibble), but I had no idea Picasso had one. And let me just say that no one ever has just one dachshund. If they have one in their arms, then it's a high probability more are around, or they've had a few in the past, and they will have more in the future. I suppose it's because dachshunds are so full of personality that they are like little humans without the petty hang-ups. Fiercely loyal, soulful, protective, loving, funny. Love matches for love with a dachshund. There is no lack, no limit to their love. If you look awful, feel sick, have had a bad day, grumble, complain, they will still love you. They seem to understand the reasons for our frail psyche, and respond to it with their own problems of lost toys, hunger and sadness of departure. Yet they erase all of it with their joy.

Hockney with two loyal models

Picasso with a dear friend

And that beautiful Warhol too . . .

Had to add this pic of me and my dear Henry:


  1. I shouldn't written anything for this post. The pictures speak for themselves.

  2. Love the dachsies..Mom had one. They are so sweet.

  3. We had one when I was a kid of 6 or so.

  4. Maybe you'll have one again someday. They really are the most loving and loyal creatures.

  5. That's a lovely picture of you and Henry. Amy your top comment says it all.

  6. They are lovely Amy. But I do find it tricky to get a bun big enough to put 'em in. ;-)

    Nice pic of the two of you.

  7. In the days when David and I were chums, I don't remember any Dachies around (just his boyfriends). They must be a more recent obsession. Yes, the best of the pix is of you and yours.

  8. Aw! Love that last photo of you! I had no idea those cute little dogs were the choice of artists!

  9. Thanks for the kind words everyone. Chris--Henry would eat off his hotdog bun, so no-go there! : )

  10. My brother had two Dachshunds and when one died he purchased another. He loves those dogs and they have made his life so much better.

    I agree, best picture is the last.


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