Oh yes! I remember . . .

I downloaded a free app that promised to tell me my past life, and I figure I should tell you the results as it somewhat fits in with my recent topic of . . . LURVE. The app is a crystal ball with pretty, mystical music that responds by tapping. It asked my sex, full name, birth date, country of birth, and basing its results on numerology, came up with this summarized report of my past life:

"You lived in New York in the late 1700's where you enjoyed looking at and drawing the buildings all around you. At a young age you met a stone mason and fell in love. The two of you married and had five children (all boys). You painted in secret, creating work of great quality, yet you were unsure of your ability and never showed the paintings to anyone else, including your husband. This is why you have trouble believing in yourself in this lifetime."

So . . . five boys???? Sheesh. How did I have time to paint?


  1. As a total sceptic of such things, all I can say is thank goodness the app was free. Have you tried putting EXACTLY the same details in a second time?

  2. Same result. But we all know I was Josephine Baker anyway.

  3. I have just entered the app world. I think that is where all the money is to be made today.

  4. I thought I recalled seeing you dance in Paris.

  5. I was a hippy running loose in Central Park. Its great work if you can find it!

    1. I love the image. I'll meet you by the west side of the Lake.


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