If I'm not here on the blog or commenting on other blogs, then you can assume a couple of things: I'm writing (or editing), I'm being a mom. Or both. Sometimes I'm not writing but thinking hard about writing. Sometimes I'm writing songs. BTW- thanks for not quitting me. Thanks for stopping by and reading this blog!

But forget all that, and let me tell you about a movie I watched recently. Chilly Scenes of Winter. It's about a guy--Charles--who falls in love with a girl (Laura) who is fresh from separation with a jerk-ish guy. Set in the--you guessed it--wintertime--the film goes between, after and before their relationship. In no particular order. It's a quiet, sensitive film, and the kind of story I'm always trying to write. What I found beautiful was the longing that ran through the whole film. I always feel like love is unrequited and I'm much more interested in stories where there's a struggle to attain it, than when two people hit it off and end up happy. What is happy? Not life. Not really. It is, and it isn't. Love isn't happy. Love is mostly painful and poisonous. That's why I liked this film. You should watch it. 


  1. Love is mostly painful and poisonous, yep, sometimes it is.

    I love to go to the movies but I have not heard about that one. I will check to see if it will be playing at the local theater that shows mostly indie films. I'm in need of a good cry anyway. I have had enough of the blow them up, shoot them down films.

  2. I rarely go to the movies. The odd time I'll watch one on tv. I just saw Julie and Julia. Fun stuff.

  3. Well, actually you'd have to get a time travel machine to see this in a theater. I'd suggest Netflix. I should have said that it wasn't a new release. My bad.

  4. I sometimes wonder if we humans haven't got the whole idea of love mixed-up. There is lust, security, company, sharing, desire, ambition, and another bunch of things, that we all expect to be conveniently rolled into one package called love. Maybe we should reduce our expectations to simply wanting to be WITH someone.

  5. I might see that film now after your glowing recommendation but if I'd seen the dvd cover first I would probably have just felt a bit ill. ;-)

  6. I see what you mean Cro. We do tend to make the concept overcomplicated.

    Chris- The cover isn't that bad! It's not that great either . . .

  7. I so rarely watch films, but think I might like this one too.
    As for quitting on you Amy - never, You are my blog daughter. Wishing you all the best with editing writing and being the lovely mom you are xx

  8. Aw, thanks so much Molly. I just had word from my editor that there's one last thing to work on and it's all done. Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. Thanks for your help, my dear friend. You helped keep me afloat when I was ready to give up. xxxx


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