Two Words

Two Words
“Going out.”
“Have fun.”
“I’m back.”
“Missed ya.”
“I’m hungry. Fix something.”
“Already did. It burnt. Want pizza?”
“No thanks.”
“You sure?”
“I am.”
“Suit yourself. See Carl?”
“I did. He’s drunk.”
“What, again?”
Yes, again.”
“Big lush. Grabs butts. Dirty mouth.”
“That’s Carl. He’s male.”
“And married.”
“Yeah, true.”
“Bad influence.”
“Just rowdy.”
“Needs slapping.”
“Had plenty.”
“I’m sure.”
“What’s on?”
“Love Boat.”
“Oh, damn.”
“You’re out?”
“Uh huh.”
“Join me.”
“Not now.”
“Come on. Don’t leave.”
“Okay then. Move over.”
“Ah, nice. Remember when?”
“Every day.”
“So young.”
“And stupid.”
“Back seat.”
“Old Cadillac.”
“Good days.”
“And nights.”
“Everything’s changed.”
“Not everything.”
“Goes fast.”
“Seems to.”
“Any regrets?”
“No, none. And you?”
“Just one. You ready?”
“Go ahead.”
“The trip.”
“To California?”
“Stalled car. Stolen cash.”
“Don’t worry. Been saving.”
“You have?”
“Almost enough.”
“Ah, honey.”
“Yeah, well . . .”
“Kiss me.”
“All right.”
“Damn babe.”
“Whoooee honey.”
“More please.”
“Hold on. Too bright.”
“Oh shit. There, better?”
“Yes, much.”
“You’re sexy.”
“Come on.”
“No really. Don't believe?” 
“Shut up. Come closer.”
“What’s that?”
“What’s what?”
“That sound. Back yard.”
“Just Benji.”
“Not him. Something else.”
“Wait now. Oh damn.”
“Tell me.”
“It’s Carl.”
“Dear God."

 “Kicked out. Wife’s pissed.”

“Good riddance.”
“Damn zipper. Be back.”
“What happened?”
“He barfed. Poor Benji.”
“Big jerk!”
“Never changes.”
“Pathetic man.”
“Needs help.”
“Sure does.”
“Show’s over. Fantasy Island.”
“Damn again. Let’s just—”
“Oh yeah. Slide over.”
“Amen honey.”


  1. Whoa now. Mind blown. Nice job. :)

  2. Typical night. Long ago. Too long.

  3. I've started a trend! That's awesome, hehe.

  4. Ooo ooo
    Ooo ooo
    Ahh ahh
    eee eee
    gasp gasp
    that it?
    gasp gasp
    gasp gasp
    tut tut

    gasp gasp...x

  5. That's Life.
    No Regrets?
    Not One.
    Love ya.
    Me too :0)

  6. Thanks for reading. Happy Saturday!

  7. Love this! What an original and engaging way to write a scene!


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