Free book alert!

It's the weekend, and if you're like me you are on the hunt for something to read. Well search no more! Click here to get a free copy of Talli Roland's new novel Build a Man for download on your Kindle or supporting device. I downloaded the Kindle app on my iPod Touch and it works just fine.

Talli is incredibly talented. Her books are filled with humor, romance, memorable characters and an ingenuity that leaves you asking yourself, "How did she think of all this?" Writing appears to be so effortless for this gal. If you enjoyed movies such as Love, Actually then I think you'll love all of Talli's books. She has that ability to take a whole set of characters, wind them up, put them all together and wrap it up with a huge smile.

She has a website and a blog. I believe she is also a travel writer. She hails from Canada, but currently lives in London. Just recently she made a tour of Cario and wrote about it on her blog. Most of all, she's a sweet gal.

Have a great weekend. Let's all leave notes outside for spring to hurry up!


  1. Amy...thank you so much for this link. I have downloaded the book on my new kindle...whoohooo.

  2. I'm not getting that book! I don't want to give my partner any ideas about building herself a new one.

    Did the author do a sequel on renovations? ;-)

  3. Not as far as I know . . .

    Hey, I bet you'd buy it if it was named Build a Woman! Talli should get on that, she'd make millions : )

  4. I missed this :(

    I know you are always looking for cheap buys. Apparently this is 'Read an e-book week' (who knew?) and my publisher is discounting all e-books 40%, making my new one ('Cawnpore') ludicrously cheap ($4.79, since you ask). Other publishers may be doing similar deals - but if they're like mine, it's just this week. Can I put in a link? (You can always delete it if you want.)

  5. PS And if your publisher has a similar deal, feel free to comment on my blog. The obvious place is


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