Let me check these graphs

It's a beautiful day and it is not going to snow anytime soon (I think). In fact, there are thunderstorms headed our way for tomorrow. While I don't like the idea of severe weather season, I do like the fact that it will be in the 60's. And, let me repeat it, no snow. No snow means no winter. I'm sick of winter.

I can say the above with confidence because this guy told me so. Actually, he's saying the exact opposite, but I love this video.


  1. I enjoyed that video a lot more than he did. Poor blokie, he was dying a death out there, my heart went out to him :)

  2. Was that SUPPOSED to be a comedy sketch? I can't believe he was for real!

  3. Ummm, yes..... hm...... and the weather would have time to change before he got around to telling you what it was :D


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