Beautiful Mothers

Happy Mother's Day to all you mommies out there! I got up early so that ruins breakfast in bed for me. Anyway, if I let Julia cook she'd mix up a huge bowl of flour/salt/sugar/eggs and then throw in some rose petals and coffee grounds. So, yeah, best that I not encourage the kids to cook!

What are some of your favorite moments as a mother, or that you member spending with your mother?  I always loved watching my mom garden. I loved the sight of her bent over the tall rows of corn or dill with the evening sun coming down. I also loved watching her roll out cookie or pie dough on the kitchen table.  Simple things, but they left a deep impression. I'd always sneak a tiny piece and she'd say I was going to get worms from uncooked dough. That must have been from her days of using beef lard instead of Crisco, and I'm sure her mother said the same thing to her!  

Have a beautiful day!


  1. Our moms were always busy busy busy weren't they? In the garden, in the kitchen, doing laundry, helping out where ever and when ever. Happy Mothers Day.

  2. Mom calling us to lick the beaters. And, how each child gracefully passed the privilege to the next down, to see their excitement.

  3. Happy Mother's Day Amy. Hope you've had a lovely day today.

  4. Ah, the ideal kitchen! Mom always handed the beaters to us, as well. Raw eggs, lard--we didn't care.


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