Oh Shazbot!

Are you lonely? Sick of your iPod? Well, I have just the thing for you: a very human looking robot that can sing, kick a ball (hmmm . . .) and even talk to you. Have you seen this? She looks so real-ish. All you men out there who are sick of us nagging women following you around with our hair in ponytails and no makeup on, this is your lucky day. Don't worry about making a male robot for us though, we're too busy cleaning up your crap. I'm sure there's the same unbalance in the system as there is in real life, and while you get a cute, adoring little chick, we'll get a guy with leaking oil and a bad tick. Yours will sing pretty songs and pour your beer, ours will have major malfunction in the worst of moments. That's okay, I'm not bitter.

Anyway, Robots in Motion, that's what they're called. Start saving.


  1. maybe when the old guy kicks the bucket...maybe

  2. Hello, . . thanks for linking us to the article and the video. The article reported that some viewers thought this was "spooky," and I'm agreeing with them. But your posting was so enjoyable because it put the whole question of robots in perspective! Those for men and those for women! New thought for me!


    1. You're welcome. Don't you love stories like this though? It's like we're so close to being The Jetsons but a tiny element is still off. Fascinating.

  3. I had a Rumba vacuum for about two months. It couldn't deal with dog hair. The customer service folks at Rumba just couldn't be bothered with me, so I gave it to a nice kid to take apart and learn something. If the robot is alergic, same fate could await.

  4. I don't think my wife will let me have one. haha. And besides, they'll probably be reprogrammed into seductive assassins sometime soon. I don't want to be the target.


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