The Elements

There was a huge storm the other night, and when I say huge I mean 'tornado a few blocks away' huge. Yeah. It sucked back up into the sky, thank goodness, but the storm that came afterwards was where the real actions was at. Hail, tons of it, rain, rain and more rain, wind, you name it. Had to carry the kittens downstairs when the sirens went off. But . . . I'm—we're—still here. Mwahahahahaha. It was pretty much like the video I posted yesterday.

The only thing worse than coming close to a Dorothy and Toto event is the door knockers that show up on the following days. Roofers. No, I don't want a new roof. I just had the one replaced in the fall. Yes, I know it hailed. My answer is still no. NO.

Now it's sunny and gorgeous.

And how about you? How's the weather in your neck of the woods (I stole that from a famous morning talk show)?


  1. Amy your weather sounds awful. Glad you all managed to keep safe. Those door salesmen are a real pain - just when you could really do without them.

  2. So glad you are safe and sound. The weather in the States has been rather horrendous of late so I hope you stay safe and sound. Today my husband and I drove down to his brother's house which is just north of London in St. Albans. The weather driving down was heavy heavy rain -- but as soon as we turned south the rain abated and cleared -- though it sounds as if it is now raining again. Off and on for the next few days. On Friday we are at Stonehenge and I do believe that it may very well rain for the visit! Nevermind, the weekend should be sunny -- unless it rains!!

  3. No more rain, no more rain! Well, at least for now.

  4. glad to hear everyone is fine over there....we are in the midst of intermittent thunder storms here...fingers crossed

  5. Oh dear, and you live in Kansas, too. I've lived through two tornadoes and on the theory I was pushing my luck, bought a weather radio with alarm this spring. It's gone off twice for severe thunder storms, and I didn't mind a bit.

  6. Just rain and more rain. We had a dry winter but I think we're caught up now. But I'll take rain over tornado any day.

  7. Lady Magnon returned to France from her Australian trip last Saturday, and on the road from airport to home we were caught in a huge hail storm. Luckily no damage, but mighty impressive. The noise was amazing.

    1. I guess people used to gather hail stones for their ice cream churners in the summertime. We always used rock salt and store bought ice. Sounds like you and me both would have enough to do the trick!


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