Friday, June 15, 2012

Kansas Lake Days

I take the kids to the lake a couple of times a week. They like to look for tadpoles in the shallow water, throw rocks, climb up and down the paths of loose dirt. One day we found some food container items and I started up a story about how Sasquatch had spent the night there. The other day though, I found two soggy books on relationships, an empty prescription bottle, rubber gloves, food litter . . . Sasquatch had a rough night. We cleaned it all up so the shore sparkled and gleamed again. 

Here's Julia with a hawk feather, deep in thought.

Gathering stones

Liam, on the move.

I might paint this someday. My beautiful girl. 

Contemplating life through waves and wind

Life is good

The spider on my front porch

Long skinny legs, but I do feed them a lot!!

A good tree to read under.

And that's it. Have a wonderful Friday. Coco has been purring all over my lap. She loves morning writing time. : )


  1. That is a fantastic way to spend a Friday Amy! Your kids are so lovely, congrats to you, really! : ) Amazing photos!

  2. Annoying when they don't show their keep isn't

  3. Thank you for teaching the children so well. When we camped in the '50's, our parents had us clean up every campground. Leave it cleaner than you found it. Good job.

    1. I think kids want to be taught. I always respected the adults who made a point to clean up their trash after picnics and things like that.

  4. Big hugs to Coco and the kiddos.

    I think it's cool the way you turned the litter matter into a Sasquatch story.

    And my silly imagination immediately turned the spider web photo into a force field. Goodness me.

  5. That looks like the progress of a good childhood! Lovely day out.

  6. Delightful photo-essay. Brings back beautiful memories --which I get to recapitulate now as grampa. My appreciation and compliments.

  7. These are the golden moments of your life with your kids! Enjoy every single one!

  8. Dear Amy, what wonderful memories you are creating for the children. To live today and to hold today so that it enriches tomorrow. That's the gift of time. Peace.

  9. The pictures are beautiful as are your children. Amy the picture you want to paint of Julia is gorgeous - you must - it's really lovely

  10. That looks like a great day. I could do without the spiders though. haha. Hope you had a great weekend. :)

  11. Man, I would love to live by a lake like that! Just beautiful!

  12. Oh, gorgeous! I grew up by a lake. Nothing better.

  13. I love the photo where life is viewed through the strands of a spider's web! All are awesome.

  14. "two soggy books on relationships, an empty prescription bottle, rubber gloves, food litter . . . "

    You know... that could be the start of a murder mystery story. ^_^


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