Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My shocking cart extravaganza . . .

Happy Halloween! Ghosts goblins . . .Walmart? Yes indeedy, folks. I was at Walmart and trucking along with a cart when I felt a little zap go through my hand. I stopped—near automotive in case you're wondering—flexed my fingers for a moment, then headed on. Zap! I stopped again, tapping my hand along the cart handle to see if there was indeed static electricity coming out of the metal. Everything was fine. Once agin I pushed forward. CRACKLE. Holy shnarky man, this cart is creating an electric charge when I move it—like a generator! The plastic sheath mixed with the metal of the handle were building up a charge, using me as the conductor.

Old Wallyworld needs to check this stuff out. Seriously.

Maybe they're trying out a low-grade shock treatment to keep their patients in a 'happy' state of mind—if you get my drift. Don't think about the cost, or where this stuff came from, just buy, buy, buy. Shock, shock, shock.

Or maybe my cart was haunted by a former employee. Hey, I used to be a former employee. I'd be pissed if I had to spend an eternity there with no break and low pay, just zoning the heck out everything. Shocking people would be the least of my joys.

Any spooky things happened to you yet today? Don't forget to stop by the Fig. It may be bare, but there's some good stuff in there and more yet to come!


  1. I like the new look of your blog. How wonderful to be known as the singer, says I, who cannot hold a tune for the life of me. I will go and visit the Fig now.

    1. Thanks! This background design has my name all over it.

  2. Amy, just had a peek at Fig. Love the boat picture and the Adam story - they're really good. Did you mention your sparky trolley to any of the staff at Walmart? I think they should have treated you to your shopping at least.

  3. I quite expect you were being filmed, and will soon appear in a Candid Camera show on TV.


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