Sunday, November 10, 2013

Big But

You know the two sayings: When it rains, it pours and Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it? I'm finding out exactly what those both mean. First it was the wonderful book acceptance from my publisher, and now I've received a revise and resubmit from an agent for another book altogether. That means I need to work on two books at the same time. It's looking like a good time to get myself cloned . . .

Friday afternoon I sat down to check email. Oh, another rejection, I thought, scanning quickly through the paragraphs of: while this was initially exciting . . . I really liked the voice . . . great concept . . . But then there was a but. And for those of you who send out queries, you know there's never a but. There's always an I'm sorry or We've decided to pass this time or I just don't feel passionate enough about this. 

But, it said, if you work on the points I've mentioned, I'd be happy to read this again, should you decide to resubmit in the future. Uh, let me think about it. Heck yeah, I'm going to revise and resubmit this bad boy! The only bummer in this scenario is that I won't get to work on my NaNoWriMo project. I wish I hadn't filled out the stupid book info because now there's this empty chart on my page, while everyone else is pumping out words like monkeys on speed with their fingers super-glued to typewriters.

But then again, I'm not too sad.


  1. I'm so happy for you. All those big red and gold truck loads may be materializing.

  2. Lot of hard work ahead for you Amy, but I'm so chuffed for you. I always knew you could/would make it xx

  3. Thank you, Joanne and Molly! The downside is I've developed a slight stomach pain : )~ I need to chill out and do some deep breathing, haha.

  4. Absolutely brilliant brilliant news, Amy! You so deserve this -- good luck -- see you soon in print!


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