Saturday, January 4, 2014

~In the clouds~

Every morning I get up and let Henry out so he can chase possums, then I feed the cats and hit the bathroom before eventually getting my Folgers going. At some point I find myself staring out the back door to contemplate the sunrise. Like snowflakes, each one is different. They're earth shaking events, silent, and yet they fade so fast. Sometimes I lean out the open door to take a picture, but if it's cold—and it's been really, really cold lately—I'll take a shot through the glass. I, um, do believe it's time to buy another bottle of Windex! 

But anyway, my camera isn't doing these things any real justice. I mean, they were lighting up the kitchen with salmon and bright red or orange and these photos only half captured what I was actually seeing.

Thanks for stopping by. Take care of yourself and everyone you meet, today and always! Peace xx


  1. Sunrises are lovely, just like that. I have a mirror that reflects the sunset and makes it twice as dense.

    1. I love that idea. Remember when feng shui was really popular? I think mirrors are one of the elements to help open up a room and bring in good 'vibes.'

  2. Oh how I love those skies. I often wonder if the dogs enjoy them too, when they appear for our early morning walk.


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