Do you hear that? It's my back breaking in half . . .

What a week. Julia was home from school with a cold for two days, and now Liam is home because he insists he doesn't feel good. I already took Julia to the clinic for a strep test, which was negative, but if Liam says he's sick I don't want to risk it sending him on a rainy day. Better if he stays home.

Anyway, Liam's my little helper. Because . . . I hurt my back. I was perfectly fine yesterday, but I just had to lift a planter outside. Julia put her hand down right where I was going to place it and, BAM, I threw my lower back out. Being tall I know how to and how not to lift heavy objects, but this was one of those unseen, unavoidable situations. I couldn't drop it on her hand, and there wasn't enough time to do anything else but move it forward and . . . ouch. It started aching slowly, but by bedtime I was in serious pain. Regardless, I washed the dishes, folded the laundry, brushed my teeth, made the kids get ready for bed, and then very carefully lowered myself down for the night. And now I'm broken. Whatever I hurt is at pivotal point in my back. The area that lets me turn, bend, squat, rise, walk. It's bad. I'm walking with a mop. So, Liam gets to help me, but not too much. He is sick and all. So far he helped me walk up the steps after dropping Julia off at school, he fed the cats, he's just a good kid.

I think I'm going to take a really hot shower and see if that helps. Otherwise, it's a good day to watch old movies. Have you ever been in a similar situation, and what remedies helped cure the pain?

Today reminds me of this song--used to be one of my favorites.


  1. Oh dear Amy - what a day. Hope your back is better soon, it sounds very painful. Liam and Julia - hope they're feeling better too.

    1. Thank you, Molly. They both seem to be feeling better and I'm better too, or at least I'm used to the pain now. There's way too much to do around here!

  2. Bad backs are nasty; only time heals. Yesterday Lady Magnon decided to take off her jumper in the car and suddenly screamed with pain. Yup, another bad back!

    1. Oh, no. That is rough to have it happen so quick like that and with such pain. I feel for her!!


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