Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday, friday

My back is a lot better. My ego? Still hurting. Can't believe I got hurt after all the exercise I do on a daily basis. What a crappy week and there's still two days left. It can only get better, right? It has to.

Mantra of the day:

I am perfect and nothing truly hurts me

If only. But I'll keep repeating it just in case. I want the universe to hear, loud and clear, that I am ready for the GOOD STUFF! Bring it on.

By the way, I need your help. I still need readers and reviews for The Time Seekers. Email me at amysaia79(at) for an electronic download ARC copy if you're interested. I'd be very grateful if you did. And, hey, free book!

Also, if you are anywhere near where fine books are sold, please ask for The Time Seekers so it can be stocked. I contacted my local bookstore and was told they won't stock it unless it is in demand. I could be underhanded and do it myself using different phones and a variety of voices ("Hello, do you have, eh, zee book, 'Zee Time Seekers' by, eh, Amy Saia? You don't? Vell . . . vat zee hell?"). 

I hope you have a wonderful day. Remember, don't step on a crack or you'll break Amy Saia's back. Again.


  1. Dear Amy so glad your back is on the mend. As for your ego, well with a little bit of TLC and that will mend too. I am really getting into your book - I'm on chapter 7 so far. I usually have busy, busy days and a bit of relaxation time during the evening so I read your book a chapter or two at a time to digest it properly - it's very good. xx

    1. Of course now I'm trying to remember what's in chapter 7, haha. So glad you're enjoying it and thanks for the kind words, Miss Molly!


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