Monday, September 22, 2014

Taking a moment

September 23rd (tomorrow) is the official release date for The Time Seekers. As usual I'm in some weird bubble of non-belief, or fear, or maybe just a whole crazy mixture of different emotions. It's one thing to sit and write a book, but it's something else to accept the reality of the achievement once a final destination has been arrived at.

This is a weird transition from the topic at hand, but I realized last week that my back injury was a metaphor for my life—throbbing pain and sleepless nights which left me crabby for days on end. I have finally arrived at the point where I would rather lose an arm than quit something when I believe in it. Be that writing or just not giving up on myself as a human being, then message received and message understood. It's nice to know that I'm stronger now than I used to be. Although, stubbing a toe will make me cry. Just sayin'.

Having this second book published is one of those things where I could not give up or something really important would be lost. It was a bumpy road and I often felt extreme failure and anger (at myself). But I knew that somewhere in the linear proportion of time, I would prevail. My publisher stuck with me, you--my friends--stuck with me. So, it's the right moment to send out a message of gratefulness for all of the help I received.

Thank you.

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