Monday, November 17, 2014


A few weeks ago my sister asked if I'd like to see Lucinda Williams at Liberty Hall in Lawrence, Ks. Lawrence is a college town located about twenty miles down the road, sort of like "over the river and through the woods." I told her that I, as usual, was low on cash and couldn't afford a ticket, to which she replied, well I'll buy you one . . . if you do some painting at my house. That's the way my life is, but hey, I got to see Lucinda Williams! And yes, a few days later I painted floorboards and doors and walls. . . I actually saw Miss Williams come out of her tour bus the night of the concert. She's quite little and had her blonde hair all sprayed to wild perfection and wore tight blue jeans and high heel boots. A male companion followed as she walked past the que into the building. Cool. During her concert she sang "Joy," a particular favorite of mine. I'm going to make it my song of the day.

Has anyone ever taken your joy? If so, blast this song real loud.



  1. My apologies for any typos and glitches for you early readers. Sometimes it takes me a while to iron things out here!

  2. She looks like a hard woman. Her lead guitarist is pretty good.

    1. I suppose she is a bit. She's a great songwriter, and there's something about the way she delivers her songs, it reminds me of Billie Holiday.


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